Brief History of St Luke's Church, Bolorunduro
St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Bolorunduro, Ilesa is an offshoot of St. Peter’s Church, Isona, Ilesa. The compound that harbors the church is part of the landed property of St. Peter’s Church. The name given to it has to do with its nearness to the Wesley Guild hospital, as we know that Apostle Luke in the Holy Bible was a physician (Doctor) by profession. No wonder the church is now referred to as “Healing Sanctuary”.
As far as back as 1978, St. Peter’s Church, Isona appealed to her members resident in Bolorunduro Community to be observing Evening service on Sundays in one of the classrooms of St. Peter’s primary schools to lessen their burden of having to come down to Isona twice on Sunday to worship. It was as a result of population growth that Isona, Ijofi, Orogba and Oke-Iro communities extended to Bolorunduro.
Pa. Adewale (Alias Ore-Ajike), one of the then Lay readers at St. Peter’s Church, Isona, was asked to lead the Evensong every Sunday, and the collections realized were always submitted to St. Peter’s church, Isona during the Mattins of the following Sunday. Pa Adewale was living at Bolorunduro.
In 1983, Ordinand D.A.O. Adesanmi (now Venerable) who was then a Teacher at the C.&S. High school, Iyemogun Road, Ilesa was sent to be presiding over the Sunday Evening service that was operating at Bolorunduro. The congregation had not been given any name then; and Pa Adewale who was of age decided to limit his service as Layreader to only St. Peter’s Church, Isona. He was no longer connected with Bolorunduro. 
Towards the end of 1983, the congregation had increased a little in number and St. Peter’s church, Isona put up the present church building to prepare for the take-off of a full-fledge church. Ordinand Adesanmi had become a Deacon and St. Peter’s Church, Isona announced that the congregation at Bolorunduro should be having morning service on Sundays as from the beginning of 1984. The news was given wide publicity. Handbills distributed and benches were brought from St. Peter’s church to serve as seats (pews).
The first Sunday morning service was conducted on January 22nd 1984 by Rev’d Canon E.A. Ademowo (now Most Rev’d), the then Vicar of St. Peter’s church, Isona. He was assisted by Deacon Adesanmi. It was on the day (22/1/1984) that the church was named St. Luke’s Anglican Church, and had since then continued to wax strong. The collection taken on that day was N185. 75 for the Mattins and N10. 05 at the Evensong.

Deacon Adesanmi was priested that year, 1984 and he served in the church for up to 1987 when he was transferred and Rev’d J.O. Apalowo came in. Other priests followed as recorded in the Preachers’ Book of the church, viz:
  1. Revd (now Venerable) D.A.O. Adesanmi   -  22/1/1984 - 31/8/1987
  2. Revd J.O. Apalowo (now Canon)     -     1/9/1987 - 30/6/1989
  3. Revd V.O. Adelugba                -     1/7/1989 - 30/6/1990
  4. Revd (now Ven.) A.M. Fademi       -     1/7/1990 - 15/6/1998
  5. Revd (now Bishop) A.T. Olaoye     -     16/6/1998 – 21/3/1999
  6. Layreader Mr. S.O. Ogedengbe and Ordinand (now Ven.) Odesanmi (jointly) – 22/3/1999 – 10/7/1999
  7.  Revd (now Ven.) P.A. Omoleye     -    11/7/1999 – 31/3/2000
  8. Revd (now Rtd Canon) J.A. Adeleye)   - 1/4/2000 – 31/12/2000
  9. Revd (now late Canon) C.O. Oluwadare - 1/1/2001 – 15/12/2003
  10. Revd (now Ven.) S.K. Olawoyin       -  16/12/2003 – 31/7/2008
  11. Rev’d Canon (now Ven.) I.O. Ayita   -  1/8/2008 – 18/3/2014
  12. Ven. S.A. Bamisaye                  -  18/3/2014- to date

It was during the time of Revd (now Venerable) Adesanmi that Baba Lawrence Omole, that renowned Philanthropist donated all the present items of furniture to the church: the pulpit, the Lectern, the Font, the tables, the desks and all the pews. They are all of good quality that can match any new church building. The generous donation was given upon mere approach and simple appeal. He is now of blessed memory.
From 1984 to 1987, Revd Adesanmi paid the rent for the house he occupied by himself. It was from 1987 that the church began to be responsible for the payment of the rent for the Vicar’s residence. It was during the period of Rev’d. A.M. Fademi (now Ven.) that the church embarked on the building of its own vicarage. This was completed during the era of Revd P.A.  Omoleye  (now Ven.).
During the time of Revd Can. Oluwadare, the church acquired a mini-Bus (Gospel van) through a donor. The church also, during the time, proposed to have a new church building that would be modern and spacious. The project took off when Revd S.K. Olawoyin (now Ven.) was with us, and it has since been progressing during the time of Revd I.O. Ayita Canon (now Ven.) and the present Vicar, Ven. S.A. Bamisaye.
The good news of the elevation of the church to the rank of an Archdeaconry seat was announced at the meeting of the Diocesan Board on Friday August 12th, 2016.  By his Lordship  The Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Olubayo Sowale. To God be the glory.
The inauguration of Bolorunduro Archdeaconry was celebrated at St. Luke’s Church, Bolorunduro as the Archdeaconry seat on 11th Sept, 2016 by his Lordship The Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Olubayo Sowale Ph.D
Long live Ilesa Anglican Diocese,
Long live Isona Archdeaconry,
Long live Bolorunduro Archdeaconry.


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