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Brief History of Christ the Saviour Church, Cappa - Ilesa

The circumstance surrounding the building of Christ the Saviour’s Church, Cappa – Ilesa, have been the manifestation of God’s great works in the life of the couple. The unique foresight and noble efforts of the Fajemisin have become part of a glorious history that is worthy of  emulation and continuity .They have planted their joint seed in the vineyard and we should all join hands to water and nurture it for the glory of God. The church because of her basic and foundational orientation to evangelism is a growing fire brand evangelism living church with a unifying factor – the Christ. That is why the church is called Christ the Saviour’s Church, a.k.a. Saviour’s Family. “The modest edifice grew up from the matrix of a divine command, a divine love, a faith, a willingness and delight to obey His command.

It actually worth it giving an account of how a child born twenty five years ago had grown up to a giant amongst it peers. Thank be to God that the labour of our heroes past had not been in vain or go down the drain.
The donor, the largest hearted family of our time – Dr. J.A. and Mrs. Julie Fajemisin first conceived the idea of putting up a Eye specialist hospital in Ilesa to supplement the services of the only one existing in the country them and that was in Kano owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
To them, this hospital when fully operational, it could be compensatory enough for all their labour and toiling under the rain and sun around Nigerian cities and villages working dedicatedly with all zeal and commitment.
As a normal human –being, one may be tempted to conclude the regular proceeds realized may also be supportive to them at their very old age, whereas this could be an illusion or a mirage. In fact, this idea would have been likened to the thought of the rich fool. Luke 12:13-21.
However, the true God this family served was quick in sending the Holy Spirit to minister unto them asking them to cancel their earlier plan of building a hospital to building a house for him, to allow for people to worship with ease and comfort. A citadel where people will obtain spiritual sights and from where the light of the gospel will beam over the ijesaland in particular and the entire world in general. And of course he obeyed, He built one of the best parish for God  equipped with  a super organ, the pews lectern, pulpit, chancel with altar table by Dr. J.A. Fajemisin It however worth mentioning that the choir light was donated by Late Engr. Dr. T. M. Aluko.
The foundation stone was laid on 7th July, 1985 by Rt. Rev. G.I.O. Olajide assisted by Ven. F.A. Akinola and Ven. (Rt. Rev.) A.S.O. Olowoyo and the completed building was also dedicated on 12th May, 1990 by the Right Rev. Ephraim A. Ademowo.
The first Vicar was Rev’d. now Ven. Prof. E.R. Adagunodo. He was supported by Rev’d. Canon B.A. Fakankun who led him round to look for members.
The first point of call was Chief (Mrs.) S.T. Oni Family according to Rev’d. Canon Fakankun (Rtd.).
The First service was held on 1st January, 1991. In attendance were Baba and Mama Fajemisin, Mrs. Adunola Agunbiade, Mr. E.O. Agbele, Chief & Chief (Mrs.)  S.T. Oni and his children, Chief T.O. Okunyigbe, Late Mr. T.A. Adeyemi, Mr. J.O. Olajuyigbe, Late Chief (Mrs.) Julianah Olusola Adeyemi, and Chief Yemi Olukiran to mention a few. However, Nine Mouths (9Mths.) Late Chief J.A.O. Adeyemi joined on the persuation of Bishop Ayo Awosoga.
Afterwards new members were coming in through the hand work of Rev’d. (now Ven. Prof.) Adagunodo who was later succeeded by Rev’d. Canon (now Very Rev’d.) A.A. Alalade Ayinla.
By this time, Evangelism started and the vicar put in all his best. Take for instance, the vicar would trekked from one house to the other on visitation and moving as far as Oke-Omiru, Osogbo road.
After the movement of Rev’d. Canon A.A. Alalade Ayinla to Ibadan because of the creation of Osun State in 1992.
There was no Vicar for months until the arrival of Rev’d H.B. Olumakaiye. During this period of Vacancy, mention must be made that the Diocesan Lay-reader, Chief J.A.O. Adeyemi and Chief (Mrs.) B.O. Oni to the glory of God were able to hold forth. This people managed the activities of the church up to the Diocesan level.
The first elected P.C.C. were Rt. Rev. H.B Olumakaiye - Chairman, Late Chief M. O. Obakin, Chief J. A. O. Adeyemi, Chief S.T. Oni, Mr. E.O Agbele – Church Warden, Chief Yemi Olukiran, Late Chief (Mrs.) O.O. Akinola and Chief (Mrs.) B. O. Oni - Secretary.
As the activities of the church progressed under this young and dynamic Vicar, so many groups, Organizations, societies and initiatives started springing up.
The church has been nurtured by Imo Archdeaconry since her establishment.and  the church experienced sporadic development and growth under the spirit filled priests who had the grace to lead the people of God, in their succeeding generations to the extent that the Diocesan Board which met on August12, 2016 thought it  fit to create Cappa Archdeaconry from Imo Archdeaconry
The Rt Revd Dr. Samuel Olubayo Sowale, Bishop of Ilesa, inaugurated the said Cappa Archdeaconry to the glory of God and the expansion of His Church on earth 18th September, 2016
The Cappa Archdeaconry be made up of the following churches, Christ the Saviour Church Cappa, St. Peters Church Ilo-Ayegunle, St. Mattews Church Ikoromoja, Emmanuel Church, Irogbo, St. Pauls Church, Ajubu,St. Micheals Church, Ijimo  Trinity Chapel, Atlanta and Christ  Chapel, Aluko Compound.Amen
The pioneer Archdeacon is Ven Moses Olu Olasoji


1. Rev. E. R. Adagunodo   - (now Ven. Prof.)
2. Rev. A. A. Alalade  Ayinka  - (Now Very Rev.)
3. Ven. Obalowo
4. Rev. Dr. Akinyemi
5. Rev. H. B. Olumakaiye - (now Rt. Rev.)
6. Rev. Canon P. A. Omoleye - (now Ven.)
7. Rev. I. Olumide Ariyo - (now Ven.)

1.  Rev. A. Akinyeye     - now Canon
2.  Rev. Posi Aduroja    - now Ven
3.  Rev. Matthew, A. Adebayo
Current Ministers
1.  The Ven Moses. Olu. Olasoji - Vicar
2.  Rev Simeon Sunday Adebayo- Asst Priest.


1. The Ven Moses Olugbenga Olasoji JP- Archdeacon
2. The Revd Canon Abiodun A Akinola
3. The Revd Simeon Sunday Adebayo
4. The Revd Gbenga Famusiwa



I.Christ the Saviour’s Anglican Church Cappa, Ilesa
II.   St. Peter’s Anglican Church Ilo-Ayegunle
III.  St. Matthew Anglican Church Ikoromoja
IV.   St. Paul’s Anglican Church Ajubu
V.    St. Micheal Anglican Church Ijimo
VI.   St. Emmanuel Anglican Church Irogbo
VII.  Trinity Chapel, Atlanta Cappa, Ilesa
VIII. Christ Anglican Chapel, Aluko Compound, Ilesa




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