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Brief History of Our Cathedral
Christianity in Ijesha land:- Ijesas are one of the major Yoruba groups. It has been reported that there are five main Yoruba dialects – Oyo, Ijesa, Ijebu, Egba and Ondo and that other dialects are variations of one of these five. Perhaps it was the prominence of Ijesas that explained that the next point of call of the missionaries after Ibadan was Ilesa. In spite of the difficulty of movement at the time arising from wars among  the various Yoruba sub-ethnic groups, it was remarkable that the missionaries arrived in Ilesa on the 7th of February, 1858. Revd. David Hinderer in company of Vincent Agbebi called on Owa Obokun Ofokutu and informed the Royal Father and his Chiefs that they had come to preach the gospel.
The missionaries were warmly received. It has been reported that Owa Obokun Of Okutu and his Chiefs welcomed the missionaries with enthusiasm because they had earlier been forewarned by Ifa priests that some strangers were coming to Ijesaland and that it was in the best interest of the community to receive them with open hands. What an irony of life? The triumph of light over darkness.
Hinderer did not stay long before he returned to Ibadan. He handed over the baton to Agbebi whom he had given a crash-training. In 1865, Agbebi went to Ibadan and did not return until 1875 because his movement was hindered by the inter-tribal wars. Agbebi was encouraged by the number of converts he met on his return in 1875.
The missionaries settled down to work and before long there were enough persons converted to justify the building of a Church.

THE ST. JOHN’S CATHEDRAL CHURCH, ILORO, ILESA: In 1872 the foundation of the first church in Ijesaland was laid at Ifofin and on Easter Day in 1873, the congregation had their first worship. As the congregation grew, it was found expedient to move to a more suitable location. In 1886, the foundation of the building of St. John’s Church, Iloro, Ilesa was laid and on 20th July, 1887, the building was dedicated for Church Services/worship to the glory of God and the edification of believers.


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