Christianity was introduced to Ibokun through the returnees from slavery in 1896. Thus returnees of slavery during the Yoruba inter-tribal war brought Christianity to Ibokun. The first person to introduce Christianity to Ibokun was Daniel Ilara. He was sold into slavery in Egba land. Those who knew him said he spoke Egba and not Ijesa dialect.  He was twenty-four years old when he returned home in 1896 and began the work of Evangelism in earnest. His father was Otele. He was half-brother of Sajuku Kayode’s mother.
His immediate junior sister was called Gbooro who was the mother of Oso Olakanmi. He lived at Odo-Oruwo, on his return home; he lived at a house close to Adaso’s house. The worship service began in earnest in 1896.  He brought not only Christianity to Ibokun, he also brought Cocoa seedling as well.
Joseph Eruosun also known as Joseph Alagba in his later days returned home from slavery and joined Daniel to preach the gospel of Christ to the Ibokun pagans. His father’s name was Faremilekun who was Chief Lorioro of Ibokun as at that time.
Joseph Eruosun got married when he was forty-four years old on November 10, 1913 to Maria Oni, a cloth weaver at St. John’s church, Iloro, Ilesa. Whereas, Daniel Ilara was said to be thirty-seven years old when he got married on February 6, 1909 to Emily Awoyemi.
Among the first fruit of the effort of the pioneer, Daniel Ilara and his group in form of converts were Johnson Akintunde who later became Baba Egbe in 1943-1973, Isaiah Fasoranti Shola (Later Babasale) Joseph OlaiyaOjo, Benjamin Awoyinka, Ola Farayibi, Gabriel Ajayi Jofoyinbo, Joshua Asunlegan, Jossiah Ogunlusi, Solomon Olalude Oginni, Chief Abraham Rotimi Kolawole, Joseph Fadare Ogunsoyin, Late Chief David Ajayi, Samuel AjisafeOraniyi, Ezekiel Adewusi and many others.
Daniel Ilara used to spend his own money to buy books i.e ABD for the new converts, and he and his colleagues taught converts how to read and write.
Their principal aim was to make them literate so that they could read the Bible in Yoruba language.
The women among the early converts were, Comfort Jolaade, Sakeye. Comfort Onayale, Emily Awoyemi (wife of Daniel Ilara), Maria Oni (wife of Joseph Eruosun), Lydia Ajayi Kolawole, Elizabeth Adefunke Owoeyee.t.c
The church continued to grow in leaps and bounds. It went from parish level to archdeaconry status. The church has multiplied herself recently as have  another Church in ibokun named St. Paul’s Anglican Church, ibokun. Evangelistic work of the church still continues, we have planted churches in Otan-ile and Ipetu-Ile.
Among the positive advantage of Christianity in Ibokun, was the formal system of Education in the town in 1915. It gives wide ability to read and write enhances the spread of Christianity to the pagans.
Most of the elite of the Community today are the products of St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Ibokun
Few years ago, the Church started a Clinic aimed to take care of our aged people and the Community at large. The clinic was registered by the Federal Government under planed parenthood Federation of Nigeria South West Region for prevention, precaution, control and treatment for HIV and AIDS. And to know the status of individual member for a healthy people make a healthy church and healthy church make a healthy society.
The computer building for the training of the computer literates named St. Peter’s Church Ibokun Information Technology/Computer Institute was donated by Engr. & Mrs.Jaye Adewusi produced the first twelve grandaunts who were commissioned by the Lord Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Olubayo Sowale on the 24th of August 2014. While the second set of grandaunts were commissioned by the Lord Bishop on 15th Feb., 2015. Prince Ayo Farayibi & Lady Evang. Deborah Farayibi also donated two flats of two and three bedrooms which was dedicated on 15th of April 2016 by the Lord Bishop, had since been occupied by the tenants.
The family of Late Madam Dorcas Jolade Ajeleti had started the building of 4-bedroom guest charlet in the memory of the Late Madam Dorcas Jolade Ajeleti which is nearing completion.
The church is fully involved in the drive for membership through regular visitation, anointing, deliverance and healing services which are bringing good dividends to the church and her members.

The Catechists:

  1. Mr. J. A. Ladimeji       1915-1919
  2. Mr. J.F. Adebayo        Jan. 1920-Feb. 1925
  3. Mr. D.A. Yoloye          March 1922 – Jan. 1925
  4. Mr. M.O. Awotunmi        Feb. 15, 1925- Feb. 17, 1929
  5. Mr. S.F. Ayotunde        Feb. 24, 1929 – Feb. 9, 1930
  6. Mr. I.A. Adekanmi        March 2, 1930-April7, 1935
  7. Mr. J.K. Olukoju         April 14, 1935- Nov. 28, 1937
  8. Mr. AT. Ogedengbe        Jan. 1, 1938 – Dec. 31, 1939
  9. Mr. S.A.S Abidogun       Jan. 1, 1940 – Dec. 31, 1940
  10. Mr. S.T.A. Bakare        Jan. 5, 1941 – April 16, 1944
  11. Mr. N. Olu Aborisade     April 23, 1944-Dec. 31, 1949

The Clergy:

  1. Revd. M.A. Oroge          Jan. 1950- Jan. 1961
  2. Revd. A.S.OIwayemi        Jan. 1961-June 25, 1967
  3. Revd. D.O. A. Adeniji     July 2, 1967 -Jan. 1969
  4. Revd. A.O. Oni            July 10, 1969 – May 30, 1974
  5. Revd. J. Ola Ogunbanwo    May 30, 1974 – July 8, 1977
  6. Canon J. BayoOlumoya      July 8, 1977 – Aug. 3, 1981
  7. Revd. S.O.Babalola        Aug. 13, 1981 – July 30, 1985
  8.  Ven. A.A. Adenibuyan     Aug. 1985 – April 26, 1989
  9. Ven. J. Ola Ogunbanwo     May 2, 1989 – Oct 28, 1997
  10. Ven. E.O. Omolaoye        Nov. 4, 1997 – July 25, 2002
  11. Ven. Z.A. Oloju           July 25, 2002 – July 23, 2007
  12. Ven. D.O. Onikuyide       July 23, 2007 –Nov. 9, 2009
  13. Ven. I.A. Ojuade          Nov. 9, 2009 -  Dec. 20, 2012
  14. Ven. I. Olu Ariyo         Dec. 20, 2012 Till Date

Ven. I.Olu Ariyo




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