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Christianity got to Ifewara in 1905. It is the view of one School of thought that it spread to Ifewara through Catechist J. A. Babatope. Another School of thought traced the origin of Christianity in Ifewara to the work of Rev. Scolt Oyebode, the Vicar of Cathedral Church of St. John, Iloro – Ilesa. There can be no doubt that both men had some influence on the origin and growth of Christianity in Ifewara. Catechist J. A. Babatope was by and large an itinerant preacher whose preaching must have greatly encouraged the newly established Church. Rev. S. Oyebode was transferred to Cathedral Church of St. John, Iloro – Ilesa in 1895, he started to spread Christianity to Ilesa’s environs, he must have played a significant supervisory role on the Church right from its beginning.
Ifewara sons and daughters in Diaspora also contributed to the growth of Christianity in Ifewara. By the middle of the 19th Century from the town following the defeat of Ifewara army by the combined armies of Ilesa and Ibadan.
They settled in Modakeke, Oke-Igbo and Ile-Ife. Around 1893 when those in exiles were advised to return to their respective original homes, majority of Ifewara people in self exile responded to the call and returned to their father’s land.
The small Christian Community were meeting in the residence of Baale Omisakin, later in thatched roof structure constructed to accommodate the growing Christian population.
The pioneering members were Pa. Daniel Osunkunle, Pa. Daniel Fadirepo, Pa. Emmanuel Fagbemi, Pa. Osunnigbagbe and Pa. Samson Oluitan, Pa. Isaiah Olawole.
They were able to conduct service o their own for ten years, i.e. between 1905-1915. The first recorded service of the small group was on the Christmas Eve Sunday December 24th 1905.
On Sunday, August 4, 1914 recorded another epoch making event. The Church received the name Saint Stephen’s in a divine service conducted by Rev. Scolt Oyebode from Cathedral Church of St. John, Iloro – Ilesa.
By April 1915 the Church got first Catechist in the person of Mr. S. A. Latona. The attempt made to put up a building on the Land donated to the Church by Oba Adegboyega Adesiyan, the Ooni of Ifewara proved abortive, because the building collapsed. By 1927 the building continued and was rooted around 1928. When Mr. L. A. Fadiya assumed duties on February 2, 1930, he put finishing touches on the work and the final finishing touches were put on the work by Mr. D. O. Ladimeji in 1935.
Prominent among the early Christians old and new I its early years were Gabriel Omisakin, Abraham Famoyewa, Paul Ojo, D. Ifadirepo, J. Oposun, E. Ifagbemi, S. Aboderin, James Owolabi, Joshua Ojokunle, James Kuye, Daniel Ejalonibu, Alice Adefirantan, Alice Bewaji and others.
The ideas of building a new Church in place of the old one came up at the PCC meeting held in 1980 under the Chairmanship of Rev. Canon A. A. Adenibuyan and Rev. Canon J. o. Ogunbanwo representing the Lord Bishop. An amount of N27, 017.61k was realized.
The building plan was approved in 1982. Whereas, a suitable residence for the Vicar was need at the period, the building project was not seriously pursued until 1989, when Ven. Adenibuyan returned to the Church for a second tenure of office. On December 16th 1989, the foundation of the Church was laid by the Rt. Rev. Ademowo. Ven. S. O. Babalola came, he took up building of the vicarage seriously and foundation of the vicarage was laid and roofed before he was transferred.
By 1993 Ven. Adenibuyan was seconded to Akure Diocese, Ven. Z. A. Oloju replaced him and he brought the building of the Church to the roofing level before he was transferred to Ibokun.
The building project took a miraculous trun during the 25th Anniversary coronation service of Oba Hezekiah A. Owolola, The Adimula of Ifewara on the 10th November, 2002. A philanthropist came to the aid of the Church during the tenure of Ven. Ayo Omonije. The Church building was roofed in 2002; the first service conducted in the Church was watch night o December 31, 2002.
Ven. Ayo Omonije was transferred from the Church in December 2003. Ven. T. O. Oloye assumed duty on December 2003. He continued from where the former Vicar stopped. The new Church was dedicated during the tenure of Ven. T. O. Oloye.
Ven. D. O. Onikuyide resumed duty as a Vicar of the Church on 9th November, 2009, as Archdeacon of Ifewara Archdeaconry and the Vicar of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ifewara.
To god be the glory, Pastor & Prof. S. O. Olusakin one of the Children of Pa. Daniel Aderinre Omisakin, One of the then prominent member that built the former upstairs vicarage now putting up another befitting Duplex Vicarage in memory of his parents and Late Princess Florence Adelaju Aderonke Adewakun. While Justice O. O. Adekeye changed the Hardex slates of the new Church roof to long Aluminum sheets in memory of her mother Late Chief Mrs. Mary Olayosade Akinlade Fajemirokun. Ven. D. O. Onikuyide took up investment seriously; he built lock up shops of twenty rooms. A story building of four flat was donated by the children of Late Chief Isaiah Olawole in his memory.


  1. Mr. S. A. Latona, (Catechist)    1915 – 1916
  2. Mr. S. A. Adekanmi, (Catechist)  1916 – 1917
  3. Mr. S. O. Kayode (Catechist)   1919 – 1922
  4. Mr. D. A. Mogbonjubola, (Catechist)1922 – 1926
  5. Mr. J. O. Fatiregun, (Catechist 1926 – 1930
  6. Mr. L. A. Fadiya, (Catechist)   1930 – 1935
  7. Mr. D. O. Ladimeji, (Catechist) 1935 – 1950
  8. Mr. S. A. Adegbite Acting (Catechist) 1950 – 1951
  9. Rev. M. D. Oyinlade      1952 – 1955
  10. Rev. J. O. Ajumobi       1955 – 1965
  11. Rev. E. A. Aderibigbe    1966 – 1969
  12. Rev. G. A. A. Ogunyinka 1970 – 1974
  13. Rev. S. O. Babalola     1974 – 1975
  14. Rev. C. O. Olatunji     1975 – 1977
  15. Rev. Canon J. O.Alonge  1977 – 1978
  16. Rev. Canon A. A. Adenibuyan   1979 – 1981
  17. Rev. Canon S. O. Olowoyo AB Dip. Th.   1981 – 1983
  18. Ven. D. O. Aroso  1983 – 1986
  19. Ven. S. O. Babalola MA. M. Div.  1986 – 1989
  20. Ven. A. A. Adenibuyan   1989 – 1993
  21. Ven. Z. A. Oloju B. EDU, Dip. RS. 1993 – 2002
  22. Ven. Ayo Omonije BA., B. Th.    2002 – 2003
  23. Ven. T. O. Oloye BA., MA., Dip. Th.  2003 – 2009
  24. Ven. D. O. Onikuyide BA., EDU., Dip Th.- 2009 to date


Ven. D. O. Onikuyide



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