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Christianity started in the year 1902. The Late Mr. Joseph Adejuyitan Towolawi, after he had left Ayesan came back to Igangan and started the church, though the community is predominantly pagan community. It was Aro Ogunole who allowed Christianity in Igangan. The church started in Aro Ogunole’s house, and Pa Towolawi started the church as the worker in charge. The First set of members were, Jacob Omokunle, Abe Omoworare, Asaolu Aremu, Fasure Abire, Oladimeji, Emmanuel Eke, Oginni Daniel, Aribilola Philip Fanijo, Ojotamilore, Joshua Awofisibe, Fagunjade, Daniel and Adegbamigbe.
The first Baptism was done in 1907, Twelve people were Baptized and the baptism was done at the Cathedral Church of St. Johns Iloro Ilesa, the catechumen class was handled by Mr. Omotoriogunwaye.
The house of worship given by Aro Ogunole was very close to where Orisa Olojo was being worshiped. The Olojo worshipers tried to stop the Church  and they were driven out of where they were worshiping. The then King Oba Rapasau Ogundipe and the worshipers of Olojo succeeded in driven them out.
In the year 1910 Aro Beleyeke gave St. Bartholomew’s church a land at Imadin where they are today. In 1912 the first meeting was held and pounded yam and meat were prepared in order to counter what the Olojo worshipers did, in snatching the church members.
The laying of foundation of the second church building was done in year 1921. The church choir was established in the year 1924, and in 1925 the church bought a new Organ, which solidified the efforts of the following, being the first set of choir members,  Josiah Akinyemi, James Ojo Fadare, Josiah Fasakin, Philip Jolade, Aaron Ogunkoyejo, Solomon Ogundeji, Joseph Obembe, Ezekiel Igiyadina, Jeremiah Olobeide, Timothy Adeyemi, Philip Fagbola, and Josiah Akoidu.
In 1923, The R.C.M. Church was established while The Apostolic Church was established in 1930 and C&S church in 1945 out of the Anglican Church
In 1927, a Vicarage was built of the Church workers.
The first treasurer of the church in 1926 was Pa. Philip Olayinka, while Pa Gabriel Ajayi became the second in 1940, to 1970, Pa Fadare was the third between 1970- 2000 Mr. Taiwo Fapojuwo became the treasurer and peoples warden from year 2000 to 2011. Mr. Biodun Oyebode and Mr. Dapo Aroloye became wardens (i.e. coo-treasurers from 2011 till date.
The Parish church council members that attended meeting at Iloro from 1928 to 1940 were:- Jacob Omokunle, Josiah Fasakin, John Ademola. Messrs S.O Blackson Olalere and J. Ade Ajayi were Synod delegates to Ibadan.
The first Choir robe was built in 1931 and the following were the first to put them on:- Noah Obembe, John Ademilola, Reuben Otegbayo, Enouch Obi, Akinyemi, Isaac Obembe, and Michael Obembe.
The Archbishop of west Africa (Anglican Communion) The Most Revd. L.G. Vining visited the church in 1947.
In 1944 St. Bartholomew’s church brought education to Igangan by establishing a school, the school was built in 1946 with leaves (Ewe Gbodogi). In 1948 the school was being roofed. HRH OBA Ajimoko II was present in the school. In the same year 1948, the government gave them freedom to extend the school to primary six.
Another organ was bought by the church in 1948, which was bigger than the first one, The first organist for the church was Mr. Adegbolagun.
The church got the first Catechist in 1959 called Mr. S. A. Yusuff it was during his time that furniture’s were bought in the vicarage.
The church got the first Priest in1959, Revd. P. T. Ogedegbe, Though he could not communicate in Yoruba, yet he was able to spread the gospel with Mr.  blackson Olalere who interpreted for him.


  1. Omotoriogunwaye               (Agent)                       1913-1916
  2. Awotile                                  (Agent)                       1917-1919
  3. Adetiba                                  (Agent)                       1920-1924
  4. Adeloye                                 (Agent)                       1925
  5. Famose                                   (Agent)                       1925-1932
  6. E. F. Kolade                           (Agent)                       1933-1943
  7. J. O. Ajibola                          (Agent)                       1944-1955


  1. S. A. Yusuff                                                               1956-1958


  1. Rev. P. I. Ogedegbe             1959 – Dec. 1959
  2. Rev. J. M. Olokunbola           1960
  3. Rev. M. O. Ogunleye             1961-1963
  4. Rev. M. O. Adejumo              1964
  5. Rev. Canon S. O. Lamikanra      1965-1961
  6. Rev. J. O. Oyeleye              1968
  7. Rev. J. O. Owolabi              1969-1972
  8. Rev. J. O. Adeyemo              1973-1984
  9. Rev.S.I.Subuloye                1984-1994
  10. Rev. H. O. Oladokun             1994-2000
  11. Rev. Canon J. O. Oyehan         July – October 2000
  12. Rev. S. A. Bamisaye (Now Ven)   2001-2007
  13. Revd J. A Oyewusi               2007-Feb. 2008
  14. Revd. Can. Okuyele (Now Ven)    Feb. 2008-Nov 2008
  15. Ven A. A. Omoleye               2008 – Sept. 2014
  16. Ven Ayo Omonije                Sept. 2014 – to date


  1. Baba Egbe Ijo            Chief Philip Fanijo
  2. 2nd Baba Egbe Ijo        Chief Abraham Oladimeji
  3. Iya Egbe Ijo             Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Fanijo
  4. Chief Michael Agbefidudu Olalere
  5. Chief Daniel Fagunjale,
  6. Chief James Oke
  7. Chief John Oni Ogundipe


  1. Chief G. A. Awofisibe Baba egbe ijo
  2. Chief Mrs. Esther O. Obembe Iya egbe Ijo
  3. Chief Mrs. Abigail Taiwo Aluko Otun Iya Ijo
  4. Chief. S.O. Ajayi Balogun Ijo
  5. Chief M. Olayinka otun Balogun Ijo
  6. Chief G. Kayode Eso Asaju odo okunrin
  7. Chief Mrs. Hannah Olujola Olalere Asaju odo obinrin

Messrs Joseph Obembe, Phillip jolaade, Noah Omolayo, Oladimeji, Chief S. A. Awofisibe, Mr. Egbedele Joshua, Akinyemi Mrs. Janet Famodimu, Mrs. Janet Fapojuwo and Chief Yemi Oladimeji.

Timothy Adeyemi, Josiah Ekundayo, John Oguniyi, Samuel Falore, Elijah Ogbeje, Paul Ojo, Taiwo Falore, Florence Oladimeji, Ninyo Ogundele, Julianah Fadare, Sola Eso, Dorcas Olatunji, Kosemani Arogundade, Beatrice Ademilola, Adeola Olanrewaju, Grace Awobambi, Mary Oyewole, Titi Adefioye, Tunde Oni, Biodun Obi, Segun Babalola, Niyi Olajide.
The first generator was bought in 1975 and another vicarage was also built in 1975. In 1989, the Third and present church building was erected due to the efforts of the late Rt. Revd. A.S.O Olowoyo. The foundation was laid by the late Rt. Revd.     J.A I. Falope while it was dedicated on the 20th September 2003 by the Rt. Revd.  Dr. S. O Sowale the Diocesan Bishop.
In 1994, The Anglican youth fellowship was started and through their efforts churches in Ajumobi and Atibiojo started and the churches grew in lips and bounds.
During the tenure of Revd. S. A Bamisaye now (Ven) another church was established to take care of the spiritual needs of the members in Oke Adura. The church started in the parlour of Late Chief and Mrs. Julianah Fadare.
In September 19, 2010, the church was upgraded to an archdeaconry status with St. Bartholomew’s as the archdeaconry headquarters, with the following churches, St. Lukes Owode Igangan, Ebenezer Atibiojo, Anglican Church Ajumobi and Anglican church Oke-Adura with Ven. P. A. Omoleye as the first archdeacon.

During the diocesan board meeting held on the 8th of August 2016, The new Igangan Archdeaconry was established with the Following Churches.

  1.            St. Bartholomew’s church Igangan Ijesa
  2.            All Saint church Eti-Oni Ijesa
  3.            St. Lukes Church Owode Igangan
  4.            St. Johns Church Ayinrin Adedeji
  5.            St Peters Church Aribifo
  6.            Anglican Church Owode Olorunnisomo
  7.            St. Pauls Church Aladodo
  8.            Anglican church Alaago
  9.            Anglican church Oke Adura Igangan
  10. St. Michael Church Otokobo
  11. Anglican church Ajumobi
  12. Ebenezer Church Afibiojo
  13. Alarere
  14. Temidire
  15. Aba Jegede

Investment:- The church has embarked on various projects as a way of investments e.g

  1. Cocoa Plantation
  2. Tangerloues
  3. Palm Oil
  4. Plantain
  5. Shares of first bank
  6. Ajayi Crowther University Hostels
  7. Clinic ( In progress)

The church is planning to establish churches in the nearby villages so that Anglican impact would be felt.


Ven Ayo Ominije






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