The Church started in 1914 when some of the members of St. John’s Anglican Church, Iloro, Ilesa who lived around Isona, Ijofi, Iro, Oke-Iyin and Orogba  met in the house of Late Pa David Ajilore of Isona street and decided to build a Church in the locality. One of the reasons why they made the decision was the fact that crossing the Oora river during raining season was an arduous task for their wives and children. A Church on their side of the river would guarantee the safety of their family members.
The families of David Obembe Ajilore, Emmanuel Adewoye, D.F. Agbefidipe, E.K. Fagba, David Jegede, M.O. Owotumi and David Ojo Ajayi, Chief Lajonumo, Elizabeth Tugbiyele, Joseph Oyeleye, Joshua Fagbo, Gabriel Agunbiade, Samuel Adedoja,, Israel Jegede, Emmanuel Oje, David Faseyitan, Daniel Ogunbiyi, Daniel Abe, James Otunlape, David Safeyitimi, Daniel Fadeyibi, Ojo Ademiju, Olowookere, Owopetu, Akinyanmi, M.A. Ademisoye, Haastrup and a host of others formed the nucleus of the new Church. They approached the then Owa Obokun of Ijesaland – Owa Atayero and got permission for the use of the land where the present Church compound is sited. The foundation of the Church was laid by Rev. R.S. Oyebode on 8th November, 1914 and the roofing was completed on 1st April, 1915. This first Church building was dedicated by Rev. A.J. Williams, assisted by Rev. M.D. Akinyemi on 21st June, 1917 and christened ‘St. Peter’s Church, Isona, Ilesa’.

The first worker was Catechist G.E. Olulode (1917-1922), followed by Catechist J.O. Oyeleye (1922-23); Catechist D.O. Adeleye (1923 – 24); Rev. J.A. Sanyade (1924 – 30); Mr. S.M. Morakinyo (1930 -35); Mr. J.A Adekanmi (1935 – 45); Mr. G.B. Akinbisola (1945 – 45); There was vacancy period between 1947 -49 but Lay Readers Famojuro, Owotumi and Anjoorin held the fort. Mr. S.O. Awosika (1949 – 50); Mr. J.O. Adepoju (1950 – 53); Rev. J.D. Osomo (1954 – 61); Rev. J.M. Olokunbola (1961 – 66); Rev. E.A. Abe (1966 – 68); Rev. J.A. Fasoranbaku (1968 – 77); Rev. E.A. Ademowo (1977 – 84); Rev. Canon A.A. Adenibuyan (1984 – 85); Rev. G.O. Adesina (1985 – 94); Rev. Canon J.A. Asaolu (1994 – 2002); Ven. B.A. Aregbesola (2002 -2007); Ven. I.O. Olajubu (2007 – 2012); Ven. A.M. Fademi (2012 – Date).

A primary school was established by the Church in 1928. The old Church building that started in 1914 became too small for the congregation by 1961. The plan to build a new one was then set into motion by the vicar, Rev. J.M. Olokunbola with a thirty-six-member Building Committee under the chairmanship of Pa J.A. Oyeleye. The site of the Primary School gave way for the proposed new Church Building and arrangement was made by the Church to build an eight-classroom block on the Church land at Bolorunduro to accommodate the Primary School. The foundation of the new Church Building was laid by Ven. E.O. Idowu (later Bishop of Ondo) on 3rd June 1965.
The foundation of a new vicarage was laid on 21st January 1978 under Rev. E. A. Ademowo and the same was dedicated on 9th March, 1979 by The Rt. Rev. J.A.I. Falope. At the Synod of 1981 the Diocesan, Rt. Rev. G.I.O. Olajide pronounced his intention to carve out Atakunmosa and Ijesa South Archdeaconries out of the existing Ilesa Archdeaconry. The new Atakunmosa Archdeaconry thereby came into being with St. Peter’s Isona as the headquarter in 1982 which comprised the following Churches – St. Mark’s, Iperindo; St. Bartholomew’s, Odo; Christ Church, Ilerin, St. Peter’s, Ijemba; All Saints Church, Eti-Oni; Ebenezer Church, Ita-Apa; St. Luke’s, Odogbo; St. Andrew’s, Ise; St. Luke’s, Ipole; St. Matthew’s, Imogbara; St. Paul’s, Araromi-Olowu; St. Andrew’s, Faro; St. Luke’s, Ajido; St. Philip’s, Oke-Opo; St. Luke’s, Bolorunduro and St. Peter’s, Ibodi.


  1. Investiture of Church Chiefs on 10th February, 1980 by The Rt. G.I.O. Olajide. They  were:-
  2. Chief Isaac Abu                       -           Otun Baba Egbe
  3. Chief G. O. Adewoye               -           Balogun Ijo
  4. Chief Joel O. Ibironke             -           Seriki Ijo
  5. HRH Oba Peter Agunlejika II -             Baba Isale Ijo
  6. Chief M.O. Ogunmokun          -         Asaaju Odo Okunrin
  7. Chief Mrs. Comfort Eso          -       Iya Egbe Ijo
  8. Chief Mrs. Leye Ibironke        -       Otun Iya Egbe Ijo
  9. Chief Mrs. F. O. Oladapo        -       Asaaju Odo Obirin
  10. Chief Nathaniel Owopetu       -         Ekerin Ijo
  11. Investiture of Church Chiefs on 28th August, 1986 by The Rt. Rev. G.I.O. Olajide. They were
  12. Engr. Chief Olu Olowookere   -           Otun Ijo Okunrin
  13. Chief J.A. Adefokun           -           Osi Ijo Okunrin
  14. Chief Mrs. J.B. Akinyanmi     -           Iyalode Ijo
  15. Chief Mrs. D.F. Folagbade     -           Osi Ijo Obirin
  16. Chief Mrs. B.O. Obisesan      -         Majeobaje Ijo Obirin
  17. Chief Josiah Udeohimri        -    Baba Ijo Ibo Section
  18. Chief Mrs Chukwujindu         -    Iya Ijo Ibo Section
  19. Inauguration of Fountain of Hope Society FOH 28NG on 27th October, 1991 by The Rt. Rev. E.A. Ademowo.
  20. Synod Thanksgiving was held in the Church for the first time on 10th May, 1992.
  21. Investiture of Church Chiefs on 19th May, 2001 by The Rt. Rev. Dr S.O. Sowale. They were:-
  22. Chief Mrs. Abeni Ogunbiyi     -           Otun Iya Ijo
  23. Chief J.A. Komolafe           -           Ekerin Baba Ijo
  24. Chief Supo Obisesan      -           Otun Balogun Ijo
  25. Chief J.O. Fasugba       -           Majeobaje Okunrin Ijo
  26. Chief Mrs. F.I. Falade   -           Iya Egbe Aya Bisobu
  27. Chief S.O. Oladapo       -           Baba Egbe Ajihinrere
  28. Chief Mrs. E.A. Ojo (Emiloju) -     Iya Egbe Ajihinrere
  29. Chief Mrs. G.O. Ajako         -  Iya Ewe
  30. Investiture of Church Chiefs on 7th May, 2007 by The Rt. Rev. Dr S.O. Sowale. They were:-
  31. Chief J.A. Komolafe           -   Baba Egbe Ijo
  32. Chief Mrs. Abeni Ogunbiyi     -   Iya Egbe Ijo
  33. Chief Mrs. R.A. Oyeleye       - Iya Egbe Aya Bisobu
  34. Chief Arc. E.O. Ogunbiyi      - Youth Patron  
  35. English service started under The Ven. B.A. Aregbesola on 22nd January, 2006.


  1. Rev Dr (now Ven.) A.A. Akinyemi - Rtd
  2. Rev. (now Ven.) D.A.O. Adesanmi - Rtd
  3. Rev. Aggrey
  4. Rev. (now Ven.) V.O. Adelugba
  5. Rev. (now Ven.) D.A. Onikuyide
  6. Rev. (now Rt. Rev.) J.O. Akinola - Rtd
  7. Rev. (now Ven.) M.B. Onarinde
  8. Rev. Dr (now Ven. Prof) G.A. Oyedeji - Rtd
  9. Rev. (Later Rev. Canon) J.O. Olayemi – Rtd
  10. Rev. (now Ven.) I.O Ojuade
  11. Rev. (now Ven.) S.A. Bamisaye
  12. Rev. (now Ven.) C.A. Aluko
  13. Rev. (now Ven.) E.A. Okuyelu
  14. Rev. (now Ven.) A.A. Ajadi
  15. Rev. J.O. Fabunmi – Late
  16. Rev. Canon N.A. Ajayi
  17. Rev. J.B. Adeniyi
  18. Rev. Canon S.S. Oluwatayo
  19. Rev. G.A.D. Ewulum
  20. Rev. (now Rev. Canon) P.O. Adewuyi
  21. Rev. E.O. Adagunodo
  22. Rev. O.O. Folarin


  1. Mr. J.J. Famojuro Gbangbalasa – Late
  2. Pa M.O. Ogunmokun – Late
  3. Chief S.O. Oladapo – Late
  4. Mr. E.A. Adewale Oreajike – Late
  5. Pa S.F. Obisesan – Late
  6. Madam E.F. Olalere – Late
  7. Mr. M.O. Oriowo – Late
  8. Pa I.O. Ajako
  9. Mr. T.A. Oluyide
  10. Mr. L.A. Osunsakin
  11. Mrs. M.A. Eniola – Late
  12. Princess C.O. Fadeyibi
  13. Mrs. A.T. Oyewole (now Clergy wife)
  14. Mr. S.O. Obileye
  15. Mrs. J.A. Ayodele
  16. Mrs. A.B. Oladapo
  17. Mrs. V.L. Alake


Bishop's Birthday: 27th Dec.,2018
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Ordination 2018: Sun.24th June,2018
Clergy School 2018: Mon. 12th- Fri.15th March,2018
Women Organization: Every Thursdays
Diocesan Prayer Meeting: Every Wednesdays
Diocesan Vigil: Every 3rd Fridays
Jesus Celebration 2019: Sun.13th-27th Jan., 2019
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